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The Chocolate Dream is a collaborative model of social innovation, through which Luker Chocolate seeks to transform the chocolate value chain right from its origin, building social, economic, and environmental prosperity in the cocoa farming communities where we work.

hojas de limón
hojas de limón


that chocolate makes the world a better place, that to make a dream come true we require the joint effort of many, that knowledge must be shared, that doing things with passion marks the difference, in innovation, fair relationships in which everyone wins, and in art and culture as triggers of rural development.


Social Innovation:

We take risks and transit through untraveled paths to find solutions to social challenges in the cocoa regions where we work.

Collaborative Work:

We acknowledge that we need the help of many to go further since no dream is impossible if we build it together.

Social Fabric:

Working for and with others makes us happy. We enjoy the journey.

Humanity and Purpose Driven:

Everything we do focuses on people, and it is for their wellbeing that we work so hard.

Our dream works to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

Pobreza Energia Asequible Trabajo descente Industria Reduccion desigualdad Produccion responsable Accion por el clima Alianzas