Access to water is a fundamental right that guarantees human dignity; however, in Colombia, the gap in drinking water coverage between urban and rural areas exceeds 25%. In Caribia, next to the Luker Chocolate cocoa forest in Necoclí, this right was not guaranteed because the community did not have an aqueduct.

Under this scenario, we knew that it was urgent for the community to have a decent aqueduct. Having a system that would improve the living conditions and especially the health of the inhabitants was the dream of the whole community and of José Miguel Chica López, one of the 43 entrepreneurs of the Empowering Dreams project, who had this idea as his own startup.

Thus, we built a partnership between the Mayor’s Office of Necoclí, the Government of Antioquia, Fundación Luker and some of our clients such as Voss, Fino de Aroma Co., and Delgiro, with which we seek to provide technical and community support to the population in the process of restoring the aqueduct in the village of Caribia. The project also involves and trains the community to be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the work through the Water Committee comprising the inhabitants.

This project not only solves a basic need, but it gave us the opportunity to strengthen community processes and activated an environmental committee called Eco-Caribbean and led by young people from the municipality to promote care for the environment.

We believe that empowering communities to exercise their rights and strengthen the understanding of their duties, results in an autonomous development with which they become the protagonists of their own transformation.


Voss: it is a German hotel that offers its guests an experience around chocolate. For them, it is essential that products such as chocolate, sugar cane and milk are traceable and based on fair trade practices. Fino de Aroma Co.:  is a Japanese distributor of the Luker Chocolate products.

Delgiro: it is a Belgian company that distributes high-quality products in the bakery, confectionery and ice cream sectors. They look for the best ingredients around the world and put them at the service of their customers.

Fundación Luker: Fundación Luker started in 1994 as a non-profit private organization, pursuing the interests of a company from Manizales to make their city a better place for living and to educate the kids.

Mayor Municipality of Necocli: its mission is to make Necocli a sustainable and environmentally friendly municipality and, as a priority, proceed for governance and social development where the main factor is the human being and his environment.

Start Date:



Duration: 24 months


Finish Date:




157.6 K (US$)

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Impact on people



51% women

49% men


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Skills Developed



Community organization

Environmental learning

Administrative, operational and commercial training


  • Optimization of water collection.
  • Construction of the sand trap.
  • Installation of a pumping system.
  • Optimization of adduction.
  • Supply and installation of a raw water storage tank and a 1.5 l/s water treatment plant.
  • Establishment of the aqueduct committee and the youth environmental committee.