Luker Chocolate’s Collaborative plan that seeks to transform the chocolate value chain from its origin, building sustainable well-being in the communities of our strategic areas.


INCOME ENHANCED: We dream of a better quality of life for cocoa farmers in the regions where we work. Therefore, through professionalization programs, we seek to improve their crops’ productivity and increase the production of an ideal Fine Flavour Cocoa. We will also strengthen the country’s cocoa-producing associations, as we know that associativity is key to building prosperity together in the Colombian countryside.

SOCIAL FABRIC STRENGTHENED: There is rural-urban migration dynamics in the Colombian countryside, leading to its progressive aging and raising questions about countries’ food security. Therefore, we seek to guarantee primary education, increase resilience, promote vocational education, and entrepreneurship with gender and youth inclusion in the regions where we work

BALANCE WITH THE ENVIRONMENT: We believe that the best chocolate begins with the finest of cocoa, which is sustainably grown. Therefore, we work with the environment, maintaining the delicate balance between the land and its communities. In our crops, we protect biodiversity, water, and the forest. Additionally, we are seeking to achieve more sustainable packaging.


  • Demonstrative place that promotes the planting of cacao (fine&flavor)
  • Promotes rural development
  • Technical assistance
  • Training in good practices
  • Promotes co-creation and innovation with our stakeholders and other actors
  • Social strenghtening of the communities

Anchor examples:

Own Crops:

  • El Rosario Farm: Located in Necoclí, Colombia
  • La Escalereta: Located in Huila, region
  • El Paraiso: Located in Casanare region
  • Luker Farm: Our center for technological research, scientific exploration, innovation and agricultural education in cocoa in Colombia and the world.
  • Chocolate Factory; Located in Bogotá, Colombia
  • Central benefits

Our dream works to contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):